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Letting Go

What happened to your smile?
You looked at me with eyes so bright
That light has seemed to fade
Ever quickly now
You’re bound for an escape
I never thought this day would come
And I never thought it through
The pages burn, one by one
I'm only dust to you

All I need is one more day
For it’s one more day with you
Remember kinder times
Of when our love was new

What happened to the laughter?
Its music kept us safe
But this dance, it has us strained
& silenced is our fate
Oh, what a terrible mess we’ve made
I denied this day would come
It’s something I refused
The pages gone, every one
I'm nothing now to you

What happened to that kiss?
I know it meant much more than this
I have reached out to my innocence
But I fear it's reached its distance
...hear these words & take them in
I REFUSE to be your experience

Ever quickly now
You've made your escape
I’m letting go somehow
Me & you, my greatest mistake