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My October Wishlist



It really does.

So many things are changing for the better.  First of all, I'm totally digging my new layout.  I wanted a new look to go with my fresh start. :)

Changes happening...

1. My relationship with God is growing.  He's always been working on me but I've been very complacent for a very long time.  I'll talk more about that later. But for now, let me just say, I've been loving this hunger and reawakened desire to KNOW Him. When I read the Bible, it's not a's a desire to want to know my Savior.

2. Health. I've got a kick-arse gym buddy who is super encouraging and motivating. I've been getting into a routine.  Baby steps.  I can't expect to undo in a few days what took years to turn into a mess.  This also goes hand in hand with eating better. I've had a few hiccups but I'm staying motivated to stay on track.  This is a big deal for me because I get discouraged so easily. #icandothis

3. Leadership.  God's been putti…