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The talent that is AMYLOUWHO.

Well, hello! Notice something different? Yup! I got a shnazzy new layout.  All thanks and love goes to Amy.  She's is so sweet to have taken the time out to do this for me.  I was blown away with the transition.  She has so many talents, including photography. If you don't know Amy, you're missing out so...Check her out!

Aside from drooling over my freshly designed blog, I've been preparing the house for our guests. They'll be here tomorrow!!!! I can't wait.  I'll also be cooking for them but NOT experimenting. Hahaha! I'm only using Jon as my guinea pig (btw, had a random dream last night that I owned a guinea pig. Random.).  Anyway, he doesn't seem to mind. I started asking him to grade it from 1-10 and so far I haven't been under 7. Woot! What I cook is easy to make and it's usually quick.  I would share them but the crappy part is, I don't measure the ingredients.  I don't like to. I just estimate. UNLESS I'm baking. That'…


We got rain! Looks like we’ll have it all week. I’ve been enjoying these thunderstorms. They’ve been perfect. It would be even more perfect if I could just stay in bed with coffee Root 1: Cabernet Sauvignon and a book. You know that old house I told ya about? Well, my hubby went and took more pics. He’s expressed his newfound interest in photography. He’s having fun and I’m excited that he’s got a hobby he’s crazy about…other than xbox and all things movies. : ) Now, all the photos are from his phone but hopefully we can get him the camera he REALLY wants one day. Some of his recent babies…

As for me, I’m so excited to say we’ll be having a beautiful baby boy! We’ve waited a long time. Of course the baby's parents will be with us too. What? Did I getcha on that one? Yeah, my bro-in-law and sis-in-law are visiting us with their awesome kid. I’ve got a ton of organizing & shopping to do. I’ve been everything BUT a domestic diva lately. :(

Oh one more thing.

The Door

The Door, a photo by silverspeak7 on Flickr. I snapped this pic yesterday at an abandoned house near my work. Jon loved it so much and when he found out where I took it, he suggested we look around some day. It's so run down but really beautiful. There's another home, plantation style, I'd love to look at but I found out that it's not abandoned and a recluse lives there. There's no electricity or anything. It's hard for me to imagine living like that. That house is HUGE. I always imagine some horror story. Anyway that's all for today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Super Love

"Bad things happen, but you can still live."
How was your weekend? Mine was great. My hubby and I got to spend some much needed time together. We went and saw Super 8 and I’ll just say its super great. Ya gotta see it! It made me feel like a kid again. It was like an awesome Goonies and E.T. mashup. Anyway…that’s all I’ll say. If you do see it, let me know what you think.
This pic is a nod to my friend, Amy, who is helping me with my making my blog shnazzy. I took some pics from the night but then for some reason I took a pic of my feet. Amy does cute things like that (among many other talents). Afterwards I noticed how much she’s influencing me. :) Check out her blog here!---AMYLOUWHO  I was at my sister’s house last night. She’s such beautiful person, inside and out. She took the task of being a big sister with full care and responsibility. I’m so thankful to have her. Through the years she has managed to be my role model, therapist, encourager, rival, teacher, best friend…

My Heart is Yours

As I wander
I’m leaping
I’m finding new ground.
And I ponder
Yeah, I’m thinking
You’re the best thing that I’ve found.
There’s something about you that keeps me wanting more
There’s so much about you that I simply adore
My heart is yours.

Let’s run away
To another place
and throw away the thoughts of yesterday
Lets run away
and try to keep the pace
as we make our grand escape

I slumber
I’m dreaming
of keeping you always
as I waken
I’m betting
you already chose to stay
And I can’t help but smile as you say…
There’s something about you that keeps my eyes with yours
There’s so much about that I want to explore
My heart is yours.

If there comes a time for you to leave
I only ask you this
Leave me with your smile and seal me with your kiss
I’ll wait
for you

There’s something about you that keeps me wanting more
My heart, My heart is yours.