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My Delusion

You left me no choice as I waited for you to call.
It’s what I had to do but you don’t remember at all. To escape from your voice was the hardest thing to do. To get over my pain was to get over you.
Where have you been? I hope she was worth it. My delusion, my stranger. You’ll someday regret this. You left me alone here & I just want a reason. I’ve dabbled in my anger but I’ve past that season.
Go and take your place while I dread it’s still a hoax. Since your back to play the role I’ve wanted for you the most. It cannot change my face for it’s always been the same. It cannot change the time you stole for you never won this game.
I’ll be here ever steady even though my heart is heavy. I want to call you mine again but I don’t think I’m ready.
Stay with me.

The Unforeseen Sentiment

A search for truth with an echoed stone among the two it broke your bones. The sticks came down and bruised your skin. It's what I know now but didn't know then.

It was innocent.
Hopeful inclination the calm before the sound but the door flew open and bitterness was all I found. Your words I still carry vague as it could be every breath was meant and meant for only me.
I thank you for the invitation. Have you expected some untruth? Because I don’t care who is right or wrong here
But I expected more of you. We built a wall of misconceptions and felt our peace get up and leave It was our sad, sad misfortune and I just sat in disbelief. I wish we could go back now before the words cut right through. It's not the time to keep our heads down. Is that the best that you can do?