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My Oma

I found a treasure chest hidden in your room
I just wanted a piece of you to somehow carry me through
I was sure to find your rubies gently put away
or your polished trophies from the so called "golden days"
Instead when it was opened, much to my disbelief
Were not the gems and jewels of yesteryear
But gifts to you...from me

Every little drawing and scratch of color across a page
Became a masterpiece, a chef-d'oeuvre, more valuable with age
The macaroni fragments, delicate and worn
These were things to throw away but to you, they were your pearls
The birthday cards and pictures and everything in between
Do nothing but loudly exclaim this great love you had for me

And while I'm here where you once sang
the desire for home is now an ache
All I want is to be with you...All I want is to see your face
But I will live with my memories and smile in this remembrance
God's love was written in your life and aloud, you read every sentence
The Author said "well done&q…