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Yep! I'm still alive!

Hey lovelies! I'm still alive!! Man, I’ve missed it here. Let me bring you up to speed on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to the last cabillion days. Don't worry. It's abridged.

I may have mentioned before that Jon and I have been meeting with couple, Tony and Jane, for mentoring.  They are a blast!  We’ve been enjoying getting together at least once a month. Jon and I aren’t on the rocks or anything but we knew it would be wise to have an older / experienced couple to talk to about things that could become problems if they weren’t handled correctly. Does that make sense? It’s really incredible how God formed this.  We both thought of the same couple to start our mentoring with but it was just a matter of asking them and we didn’t want to be a burden or sound like crazy folk.  Little did I know, they were in prayer over what was to happen next in their lives and when I mentioned the mentoring, it rang true. We’ve learned a lot so far including a thing or two about s…