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Birthday Goodness

Happy Day to you! I started mine out bittersweet. Literally. Coffee and…Oreos. Four of them to be exact. Something tells me that’s probably not the healthiest thing to eat for breakfast. I guess since I’m a year older now, I should jump back on the healthy train and stay on. While I certainly don’t want to lose my curves, I do want to get healthier. So here it goes! I’ll let you know the progress from time to time.
We went to Lafayette recently for a HOUSE OF HEROES concert. Amaze-zuh-zing. We also heard two other good bands. One of them was local and called Ayleron. Sweet guys. The other was called Mike Mains & The Branches. I’m obsessed with them right now. I’m sure you’ll see them pop up on here more than once. For my birthday this year, my family blessed me with awesome gifts. I’m so appreciative of them. The best gift is spending time with them. Truly. We had a lot of fun together. AND! I got to share the fun with my husband since our birthdays are so close. I love that crazy m…


It’s been a long time since I just wrote an actual blog so I figured it was about time. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. I spent the whole weekend with my mother and grandmother. I have to admit that I got a little emotional (it comes and goes) because it hit me how long it’s taking us to get pregnant. There are days when my faith is strong and other days when I feel certain it’s never going to happen. Here lately I’ve been really content with the idea of just us and the pup. I think it’s because I’ve been hearing other people complain about their kids SO MUCH that it’s keeping me hidden from all the joyful moments. It’s probably better that way. I think I’d have an even harder time with patience. Instead of dwelling on what I DON’T have, I’m looking at what I do and man, God has been good to us. It’s not even close to a perfect life and I like it that way. Life gets messy, we dust ourselves off and press forward! This weekend I just got to fully enjoy on…