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Because of You

My baby blues, your warmest eyes our hearts were locked, hands intertwined forever yours, content and safe My first breath was with you that day My first laugh to my first crawl You stayed close to capture it all A mouth of drool, a wobbly stance You’d let me fall and I’d find your hands You guarded me from your newest sting I felt no rain from under your wings The void was small when he turned from us because your love was more than enough
I marched ahead with books to carry & I had no idea your heart weighed heavy I learned so much from what they gave but I learned the most from your ways I felt so strange and out of place but it was then that I saw your faith That example helped my own mature to something real and something pure So I sought after God and His will All focus was fixed, that is, until…
Was I a toddler or was I a teen? I pitched my fits and kicked and screamed We seemed to speak two different tongues and I forgot that you were once young Butting heads, stubborn fights I hated that you won…