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The Current Status of Health and such.  If you’re not interested…skip! I started researching a few things today and found out that women with PCOS – which is what I have – need more protein in their diets.  So, it’s a change in the game for me.  This weight is some kind of stubborn!  I recently started taking Metformin.  I started taking it a long time ago and hated what it did to my stomach but a friend of mine who also has PCOS said that I needed to treat Meformin like it’s the cure.  Thankfully, they have Meformin extended release which is way easier on the stomach.  I’m starting to take B12 because a lot of women with PCOS may have a B12 deficiency that can also contribute to infertility a long with much, much more. As far as weight loss goes, I’ve loss some pounds but not enough for me to flip over.  I started Advocare and then quit.  I lost like 5lbs the first weeks but I could not get it together with the meal planning.  I’ll be starting it again because it was only 10 days an…

Five & Counting

My Anniversary Weekend was AWESOME. I can't believe it's been 5 years. We had so much fun together.  We started the day off earlier than usually.  We used to sleep in all the time and lately, we are getting up earlier. Does this mean we’re finally growing up? Hmmm.  We hung around at the house trying to decide if we wanted to go out of town.  With Isaac having just grandpa’d his way through, we didn’t want to really travel. Redneck picnic it was! I was so worried it was going to rain but thankfully it held up.  I was going to prepare some picnic food that morning but my hubby said he wanted a steak. Lol! Great picnic food right? Chili’s-to-go it was! We picked a sweet little spot by the river and enjoyed each others company. After that, we did a little bit of shopping.  We took Kaiser with us since we were also celebrating his birthday. He made 5 this month too! I wish I would've taken pics of him in Petsmart.  He was having so much fun and sniffed a lot of butts met a lot …