Yep! I'm still alive!

Hey lovelies! I'm still alive!! Man, I’ve missed it here. Let me bring you up to speed on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to the last cabillion days. Don't worry. It's abridged.

I may have mentioned before that Jon and I have been meeting with couple, Tony and Jane, for mentoring.  They are a blast!  We’ve been enjoying getting together at least once a month. Jon and I aren’t on the rocks or anything but we knew it would be wise to have an older / experienced couple to talk to about things that could become problems if they weren’t handled correctly. Does that make sense? It’s really incredible how God formed this.  We both thought of the same couple to start our mentoring with but it was just a matter of asking them and we didn’t want to be a burden or sound like crazy folk.  Little did I know, they were in prayer over what was to happen next in their lives and when I mentioned the mentoring, it rang true. We’ve learned a lot so far including a thing or two about seasoning foods and grilling. Tony is a grilling connoisseur & Jane is so creative. I’m looking forward to learning more from both of them.
Jon and I also joined a small group in September called “Called to Ministry”.  I’m soaking up so much wisdom in this group. Our founding pastor is the leader and he’s been sharing very basic and vital information about what it means to be called to ministry. He has been giving us tools and scripture upon scripture to help us stay in line with God in our ministry.  I think this is an incredible class because a lot of Christian leaders lose sight of why God called them. I love the dialogue between the group and I’ve enjoyed hearing the founding pastor’s wife share her thoughts. This whole class is designed to draw us closer to God and this calling He’s placed in our lives to minister to othersand it’s certainly doing that.

The end of October, we celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday. She’s such a treasure. She has dementia so it was a surprise party that we planned in front her. :) Boy, was she surprised. Her face just lit up!  It was truly beautiful.  The church family came and brought her gifts, cards, hugs and lots of love. When mostly everyone was gone, she started crying.  She said that she was so happy and that she didn’t expect anything like that. She celebrated all week too…reopening her gifts and rereading her cards. Lol! I love that woman.I was able to find time to decorate her cake and my niece's birthday cake that weekend.

Mike Mains and the Branches. If you guys haven’t given them a listen, please do. I always feel so refreshed with the beauty they create. We finally got to meet up with them again and introduce the youth group to their music earlier this month. The next day Jon and I got to treat them to lunch before they left. It was so nice to be able to do a little something for them because they do so much for us. Some of the young people were able to join us too. Oh, I entered a drawing contest and won free merch from them so I got me a sexy t-shirt with David's manly face on it. Looksalike a so.
I don't draw people well, for the record.
It's mustache season.
Lastly, I’m on a journey to get healthier.  I’m a very curvaceous woman and I have no goal to be skinny.  I love curves!  However, I don’t have healthy habits.  Heart disease runs on my dad’s side and I don’t want to welcome that into my life.  I’m eating out less, food journaling, trying new recipes and exercising.  I figured it would probably be best to share this with yall even though it’s a personal struggle for me.  I can do this.
Smoothie I had today for lunch. Really good!! You can  get the recipe here.

That’s all I’ll leave you with for now.  Those are the highlights.  I know I’m bad with blogging regularly but with working full time and everything else in between, it seems impossible.  Here I am and I hope I’m back.


  1. If ever I can help let me know. your cakes were beautiful. take care.

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  3. YAY! LOOOOOVED this catch-up post! Feel up to date now! And you've been up to a bunch of goodness! Love every bit of it... Those cakes are AMAZZZZING btw.. I've been wanting to make one, but just keep refraining.. Boo! And way to go on the healthy jump start.. I'm right there with you.. I have a billion pounds to lose though... and I'd like to be healthier too...It's tough at times..

    Janette, the Jongleur

  4. Woohoo! You guys have been busy! Sounds like you have so many things going on lady!
    Ugh! I need to eat healthier too. The holidays don't help any!


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