Straight to You

Never mind the mess.
It couldn't bother me any less.
Somehow it led me straight to you.

Never mind the games.
It's these foolish hearts at play.
And I gotta tell ya, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Take me surprise.
You do it best when you're covering my eyes.
Oh the things you do to win my heart.
Take me by the hand.
It's been hard for me to stand
But I gotta tell ya, you make it seem so easy to dance.

I just love the way you care.
You make me calm when life isn't fair.
It doesn't matter cause I won the world with you.

I just love the way you smile.
You make all my heart breaks so worth while.
Cause somehow, it led me straight to you.
Straight to you.


  1. You amaze me EVERYDAY!!! This is beautiful my love! Thank you...

  2. Beautiful poetry! Have a wonderful weekend! ;-)


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