The Walking Dead

It's time for an update. You know, because I'm doing stuff. Things.

I'm so excited about October 12th. Are you?


That's right folks.  It's time for Season 5.

From the very first episode, I was hooked.  You remember the scene with the Goldilocks zombie at the gas station right?  Suspense, shock, terror, insanity. My husband and I gave each other our best "holy crap" look and instantly hungered for more. Thankfully, it's still going strong. Here we are at Season 5 and I'm still just as enthralled as I was from Days Gone Bye.

Pair my excitement with the hostess blood that runs through my veins and what do you have?  And by hostess, I don't mean Twinkies and HoHos. might look at me and be surprised that isn't the case. Baby got back. ANYWAY...all that to say...

With my beautiful family, I have thrown a few Walking Dead Parties.  Nothing over the top, I might add. I'm sure that my world could go there but with limited time and resources, it's outta my league.  There is always that safe zone with my family too.  You know, I aint got nobody to impress! Hahaha! What I'm saying is...if I screw up horribly on something, they don't care! Which DEFINITELY takes away any stress when things don't go my way. I stick to light decor and fun food.  This year, I have way more planning in the works. More decor, cool food and even a costume. Doesn't that make you smile?

Here are some lovely snaps from previous parties.  I wish I could find the pics from last year but...they must have walked off. Forgive the quality.

Btw, I'm still holding a grudge against Carl for Dale's dreadful fate. Ugh. I know I know, old people can't live forever. Still. Stupid Carl.  Who is your favorite character? I have a toss up.  Even though we had a rough garden patch, I feel like I'm forever going to be Team Rick.  As I await Season 5, I think this will ring truer than ever judging by the teaser trailer. However, Daryl and Michonne rock my apocalypse.

So gross. So delicious!
Stay tuned for better quality photos and ideas from this years Walking Dead Party.


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